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Roof Curbs

Roof curbs will be constructed of minimum 18-gauge Galvalume steel. Minimum height of curb will be 5", but not less than 1" above adjoining roof panel ribs. All flashings will be provided to ensure water tightness. All roof curb support members are constructed of minimum 14-guage galvanized steel. Optional hatch or cover is available.


A skylight panel will be a flat polycarbonate sheet, factory-assembled into a standard 16" wide flush interlocking panel. The polycarbonate sheet will be 1/8" thick, clear with a matte finish, having a light transmission factor of approximately 70%. The panel will meet ANSI Z 97.1 safety glazing standards and UL 94 flammability rating.

Vertical Facade

The fascia system will consist of nominal 18-gauge galvanized steel framing and nominal 24-guage embossed facing panels. Fascia will be attached to the upstanding legs of the interlocking roof panels with no penetration of the roof surface. The embossed fascia panels are available in flush or fluted profile. Buildings with fascias in heavy snow areas should allow 10psf additional live load for snow buildup. Fascias are not recommended for 40psf snow load areas.


Drawing Name Rev Description Type
A-RCAL-28 1 2'-8" X 2'-8" Roof Curb Approval
A-RCAL-4 1 4'-0" X 4'-0" Roof Curb Approval
A-RCS-28 0 2'-8" X 2'-8" Roof Curb Approval
A-RCS-4 0 4'-0" X 4'-0" Roof Curb Approval
A-SKL 2 Skylights Approval
10K-LIFT 16 Lifting System Details For 10,000 lbs Max Erection
20K-LIFT 14 Lifting System Details For 20,000 lbs Max Erection
CURB-AL-1 10 Roof Curb Details For Type' AL' Buildings Erection
CURB-AL-2 9 Roof Curb Details For Type' AL' With Ceiling Erection
CURB-AL-3 6 Roof Curb Details For Type 'AL' With Ceiling Erection
CURB-AL-4 8 Roof Curb Details For Type 'AL' Buildings Erection
CURB-S 8 Roof Curb Details For Type 'S' Building Erection
CURB-SC 5 Roof Curb Details For Type 'S' Building With Ceiling Erection
PIPE-ROF 3 Roof Jack Installation Erection
STIF-ROF 5 Single & Double Roof Stiffener Details Erection
TUBEROOFLIFT 7 Roof Lifting Details With Tube Skid System Erection
13122RCA 1 Roof Curb for AL SpecSheet
13122RCS 0 Roof Curb for S SpecSheet
13122SKL 0 Skylights SpecSheet