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Self-Storage Building Erection Drawings

Drawing Name Rev Description
EPI-26 0 Base Channel Cut Guide
FAST-D-1 15 Fastener Identification
INSTRUCTIONS-1 1 General Instructions, Tolerances And Tools
INSTRUCTIONS-2 1 Wall Panel Keying Instructions
INSTRUCTIONS-3 0 General Instructions And Temporary Bracing Details
MW-16A 0 Mini Details
MW-16B 0 Mini Details
MW-PART-1 1 Part Identification
MW-PART-2 1 Part Identification
MWBASE 2 Base Channel Installation
MWD-15 0 Gutter/trim Installation
MWD-16 8 Purlin Connection
MWS-FR 0 Foil Roof Insulation Details
MWSD-1 10 Standard Details
MWSD-2 8 Standard Details
MWSD-3 10 Standard Details
MWSD-INT 2 Interior Details
MWSS-1 8 Standard Sections
MWSS-2 8 Standard Sections
MWXP-1 0 Typ. Exploded Views
PANEL-1 4 Panel IDentification
SWP-1 3 Special Width Wall Panel Details
TSD-BASE 3 Multi-story Base Detail
TSS-20 0 Decking Installation
WALL-1 4 Panel Closure And Stitch Screw Details