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Wall Opening Kit

All necessary framing and connectors to structurally replace the panels removed by wall opening. All trim and flashings required to make a unit placed in the opening weather-tight, will be provided by the supplier of the unit being installed.


Drawing Name Rev Description Type
A-TWAC 0 Thru Wall HVAC Unit Approval
A-WMAC 1 Wall Mounted AC Unit Approval
A-WO-14 1 1'-4" Wide Wall Opening Approval
A-WO-28 1 2'-8" Wide Wall Opening Approval
A-WO-40 1 4'-0" Wide Wall Opening Approval
A-WO-54 1 5'-4" Wide Wall Opening Approval
A-WO-68 1 6'-8" Wide Wall Opening Approval
ABUCK-C-PORT-S 2 Cable Port Opening For "Abuck" Buildings Erection
ABUCK-HVAC-S 4 Wall Opening For HVAC Unit Supplied By "Abuck" Only Erection
ASK-2 7 Standard Accessory Stiffening Column Installation Erection
C-STUDWALL-3 1 'C' Studwall System Installation Erection
PIPESLOT 2 Pipe Penetration Detail Erection
PULLBOX-1 6 Pullbox For Building With Skid System Erection
PULLBOX-3 6 Pullbox For Building Without Skid System Erection
WOK 13 Basic Wall Opening Kit Details Erection
WOK-FIL 8 Wall Opening Kit With Full Filler Panels Erection
WOK-FIL-1 5 Wall Opening Kit With Partial Filler Panels Erection
WOK-FIL-2 3 Wall Opening With Reinforced Fillers Erection
WOK-HVAC 16 Wall Opening Installation For Wall Mounted "Bard" Style HVAC Unit Erection
WOK-HVAC-1 9 Wall Opening Kit For 1 Ton "Bard" Style HVAC Unit Erection
WOK-HVAC-2 7 Wall Mounted HVAC Unit Details Erection
WOK-TWALL-AC 1 Wall Opening For A Thru The Wall Heating / Cooling Unit Erection
13122WOK 1 Wall Opening SpecSheet