At Parkline, we can harden and retrofit existing structures – as well as equip new buildings – with bullet resistant materials that provide an extra level of protection.

That protection is important when securing sites and energy infrastructure.

But what kinds of ballistic materials are we talking about?

These are fiberglass panels that are rigorously tested to meet or exceed UL 752 specifications (the U.S. standard used to determine the bullet resistance of building components).

They also provide forced entry protection, storm resistance, and blast resistance.

These panels consist of opaque wall material with multiple layers of woven fiberglass. They have tiny pockets strategically placed between the fibers, effectively absorbing the energy generated by ballistic impacts. This design ensures a bullet is trapped within the fibers, preventing complete breakage.

The controlled delamination process, where various layers separate to absorb force, prevents bullets or projectiles from fully passing through the panel. It’s versatile.

For our clients, protecting the energy grid, buildings, assets, and people is important. Parkline can provide that layer, along with some peace of mind.