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Chemical Pumping and Storage Building

12′ x 14′ Interlocking Galvanized Sheet Metal Storage Building with Shed Roof, Overhead Door, Eyewash Station, Space Heaters and Spill Barriers

This chemical pumping and storage building was built to order for an OEM, who installed the pumping station at our facilities, prior to shipment. The storage building features a personnel door on the side and an overhead door on one end. In addition, Parkline installed complete electrical services, space heaters, an emergency eyewash station, a vent fan and spill containment barriers. As a standard product for our OEM Client, Parkline has produced several variations of this chemical pumping and storage building in an ongoing cooperative effort, and continues to collaborate on many aspects of the design to ensure this Storage Building will meet or exceed their end-user’s expectations. A shed roof, interior liner, and white urethane paint finish completed this chemical pumping and storage building.

This image of the Chemical Pumping & Storage Building shows the overhead door in its closed position. As a value-added accessory, overhead doors of any rating can be installed to provide ample access.

This view of the Chemical Pumping & Storage Building shows the spill containment barriers through the large overhead door opening. The barriers were seal-welded prior to painting and served a critical purpose.

This view from the side door shows the Chemical Pumping & Storage Station shortly after it was installed by the OEM.  When the OEM arrived, the Storage Building was ready with complete electrical services.

This view from the overhead door shows the side wall of the Chemical Pumping & Storage Building. The emergency eyewash station and Division 2 rated space heaters, receptacle and light switch are visible.

This image of the personnel door was taken just prior to equipment installation. Weather-stripping, a threshold, the panic bar and a door closer are all featured, along with the integrated shelter door frame.

Just prior to shipment, this Chemical Pumping & Storage Building looks unassuming, but contains a fantastic product ready to run at the end user’s facilities.

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