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Power Plant CEMS Building

16′ x 24′ Double Wide Interlocking Galvanized Sheet Metal CEMS Building with Gable Roof, 2 HVAC Units, Double Doors and Special Paint Scheme

This CEMS building provides continuous emissions monitoring for a coal fired power plant in Northeast America. Due to its size, this CEMS building was produced as a double-wide structure and was shipped as two 16 foot long by 12 foot wide sections on one truck with a wide load permit. From our facilities, the CEMS building arrived at a system integrator and spent the next several months being fitted with redundant CEMS units, with a wide array of equipment including analyzers, recorders, and telemetry systems. Two five ton HVAC units, one double door and a special paint scheme completed this CEMS building for shipment.

This 384 square foot double-wide CEMS Building features a double entry door, two five ton wall mount HVAC units and a custom paint scheme. It shipped in two 16’ long x 12’ wide sections on one trailer.

From the interior, our simple goal to provide the shell of a CEMS Building is evident. The system integrator installed all electrical services in this CEMS Building including lighting and power distribution.

This composite view shows the CEMS Building gable ridge and a UV resistant urethane block.  These blocks insert under the ridge cap to seal each roof panel when the two building sections are joined.

From the rear side, the second five ton HVAC Unit for this CEMS Building is visible. Due to the critical role this CEMS Building would serve, all equipment including the climate control unit had full redundancy.

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