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Process Unit Analyzer Shelter

8′ x 8′ Interlocking Galvanized Sheet Metal Analyzer Shelter with Shed Roof, Bottle Rack and Interior Liner

This analyzer shelter is typical of many buildings manufactured at Parkline, for an OEM who then installed two oxygen analyzers for final installation at a large petrochemical refinery. In this instance, since the analyzers were not rated for a Division 2 location, Parkline supplied a climate control HVAC unit and variable speed building pressurization unit that work together to provide a complete solution. In addition, we installed wiring tray, power distribution, emergency lighting, exterior lighting and a bottle rack for the calibration gas cylinders typical of most analyzer shelter applications. A rain hood to cover this analyzer shelter’s bottle rack was shipped loose for field installation.

This Analyzer Shelter features a Variable Speed Whisper-Drive Pressurization Unit, to make it suitable for the Hazardous Location.

HVAC equipment is shown in this interior view of the Analyzer Shelter, working in tandem to provide complete and quiet protection for a Class I, Div 2, Group C&D Location.

This interior view of the Analyzer Shelter shows a closed wiring duct, a circuit breaker panel, an adjustable louver, an emergency exit light and a special caution sign on the door.

This exterior view of the Analyzer Shelter shows the Pressurization and HVAC units to the left and an overhead flush-mount process connection bulkhead plate and calibration gas cylinders bottle rack to the right.

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