Parkline has positioned itself to tailor and integrate modular buildings for the data center industry. When it comes to modular buildings, the company understands efficiency and security are critical.

We have the skills and experience to be sure infrastructure meets the highest standards. We build to data center needs and understand the rapid pace of buildout for that infrastructure.

A data center is a facility that houses information technology (IT) infrastructure. Some companies, including some in utility industries, have data centers onsite. Others share cloud computing locations.

Modular construction allows developers to deploy larger facilities more quickly than traditional construction methods. The advantage? They’re integrated. They’re wired in a controlled environment without having to manage this effort on the job site.

We can identify issues before the buildings get to the field, and so we reduce onsite construction costs.

Parkline manufactures buildings and integrates electrical gear for power and IT modules for the data center industry. Integration may include uninterruptible power supplies, battery systems, switchgear, automatic transfer systems, fire suppression and HVAC systems.

Parkline’s expertise lies in the building engineering and manufacturing combined with the electrical integration.

We often partner with equipment providers to craft a turnkey solution.

Parkline engineers to order based on a company’s specific guidelines. Our modular buildings meet all codes – IBC, IECC and NEC.

Parkline is an approved and recognized manufacturer for all 33 states in the US that have industrialized modular building programs.

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