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Data center infrastructure and systems integration

As infrastructure shifts to virtual networks and cloud environments, Parkline is ready to provide your modular building solution. Efficiently. Securely. Quickly. 

Parkline is equipped to tailor and integrate modular buildings for the data center industry. We know efficiency and security are critical when it comes to building designs, and we have the skills and experience to be sure infrastructure meets the highest standards. 

Modular data centers allow developers to rapidly deploy larger facilities more quickly than traditional stick-built centers. The advantage? They’re integrated. They’re wired in a controlled environment without having to manage a job site. 

They literally are plug-and-play ready when they arrive. 

We manufacture both power modules and IT modules for the data center industry.  Power modules typically house uninterruptible power supplies, battery systems switchgear and automatic transfer switches. Our modular IT Modules typically house server racks and computer room air conditioners.  

Parkline also makes modules that contain both power and IT equipment in one shelter. They’re turnkey and include everything from fire suppression, to low voltage systems, to HVAC.

Our modular concept is easily expandable. They can join together to form larger modules. 

Parkline doesn’t manufacture UPS or server rack equipment – our expertise lies in the engineering, manufacturing and integration – but we often partner with UPS providers to craft a turnkey solution.  

We engineer to order based on your specific guidelines. Our modular buildings meet all codes – IBC, IECC and NEC. You won’t have to worry about compliance or building inspections. 

Parkline is an approved and recognized manufacturer for all 33 states in the US that have industrialized modular building programs.