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Parkline engineers to order, manufactures and integrates metal buildings for the specific requirements of your unique project. We tackle modular and site-built projects all over the United States. Doing business with Parkline isn’t just a transaction — we design exactly what you need. Our highly skilled and experienced workforce handles construction and electrical services efficiently under strict quality standards, and our customer service team supports you every step of the way.

Regardless of how you want to work with us, everything — each building and electrical system — is designed to order and optimized for cost and performance to meet your needs.

We have been able to grow our business in a smart, stable way to offer all these options without sacrificing customer service. No matter what type of project you choose to place with Parkline, you can rest assured knowing we will make it happen with top-of-the-line design, materials and project execution. From our building materials to our paint systems, and everything in between, we provide decades of operational service and reliability.

Modular metal buildings example


Parkline fabricates metal buildings for organizations of all sizes across the country. Our buildings, made from interlocking galvanized steel panels, are ideally suited for a wide array of applications.

With Parkline, we take every aspect of your needs into consideration, from the specifications, codes and clearances, to the selection of materials and all the way down to the placement of individual doors and electrical devices. 

Modular metal buildings example
On-site built building example


Field erection crews can handle your on-site build from start to finish. On-site assembly requires no expensive equipment to erect your building, saving time and money compared to typical rigid-frame style construction. Whether you opt for a modular building or a fully custom design with parts built by Parkline, our trained field crews provide full-service installation.

    Integrated building example


    We specialize in the kind of prefabricated buildings in high demand for businesses like electric utilities, pipelines, data warehouses and many more. These pre-assembled buildings provide convenience and substantially reduces time on site and coordination of subcontractors for our clients. We build these structures in a modular fashion and ship directly to site.

    Integrated building example

    Customized Build and Installation Options

    Factory-assembled building example

    Factory Assembly

    Parkline’s factory-assembled buildings provide convenience and substantially-reduced downtime. Parkline units are guaranteed to fit your on-site measurements.

    • Your factory-assembled building comes complete with all necessary components and state certifications.
    • Parkline delivers your completed building “plug-in” ready
    • All factory assemblies happen in our modern, controlled environment facilities
    • We take Made In The USA seriously and we use the highest quality materials, from our screws to our steel
    • We deliver superb service with our Parkline-trained pros
    On-site assembled building example

    On-Site Assembly

    Parkline sets the standard in on-site installations. Our own installation crews handle the job from start to finish. Parkline walks you step-by-step through the process to make sure your expectations are not only met but exceeded in every way.

    • Parkline’s certified field installation crews provide perfect installation
    • We offer on-site assembly for projects up to 32′ wide and any length
    • On-site assembly requires no expensive equipment to erect your building, saving time and money

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