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Modular building example

Modular Buildings

Parkline’s factory-built option offers labor to construct the building application and the house utilities. The modular building can be provided on a skid and shipped directly to the site. The finished unit will be certified for all applicable codes, allowing for shipment to any state.

Modular building example
Site built product example

Site-Built Buildings

Field erection crews can handle your on-site build from start to finish. On-site assembly requires no expensive equipment to erect your building, saving time and money compared to typical rigid-frame style construction. Whether you opt for a modular building or a fully custom design with parts built by Parkline, our trained field crews provide full-service installation.

System integrations building product

Integrated Buildings

We specialize in the kind of prefabricated buildings in high demand for businesses like electric utilities, pipelines, data warehouses and many more. These pre-assembled buildings provide convenience and substantially reduces time on site and coordination of subcontractors for our clients. We build these structures in a modular fashion and ship directly to site. We will also handle the basic electrical work or provide mechanical components for HVAC units, allowing our customers to save time, money and stress.

System integrations building product
Materials and build-it-yourself products


For owners or contractors that plan to staff and manage your own construction and installation, we can design and manufacture everything you need for your buildings.

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Building Modifications, Extensions and Repairs

Sometimes an entirely new building is not ideal or cost effective for the application or site layout. Our knowledgeable team members can assist with assessment and provide extension and modifications to existing buildings where feasible. These field crews can also repair damaged buildings or modify and add to existing electrical systems.

Product Accessories

Build Your Own Specifications