Industry Specialties

Data center corridor

Data Centers

As infrastructure shifts to virtual networks and cloud environments, Parkline is ready to provide your modular building solution. Efficiently. Securely. Quickly.

Parkline is equipped to tailor and integrate modular buildings for the data center industry. We know efficiency and security are critical when it comes to building designs, and we have the skills and experience to be sure infrastructure meets the highest standards. 

Data center corridor
Renewable energy products

Renewable Energy

Parkline, Inc. takes great pride in providing specific applications for the renewable energy sector. These applications consist of substation enclosures for the energy that is currently being produced. These applications are typically utilized in the wind and solar fields and can be seen all across the United States today.

Typical renewable applications include: substations, collector houses, wind energy facilities, monitoring stations, meter houses and control rooms, battery storage units, and more.

Oil and natural gas housing and products

Oil and Natural Gas

Parkline has a rich and extensive history in oil and gas work. From Appalachian-based companies to national and global firms, we remain a trusted, “go-to” partner. Many of our installations can also be seen along the gas pipeline, from custom-designed canopies to site-constructed or modular buildings.

A wide range of features distinguish a Parkline building. From non-combustible, heavy-gauge steel framework to the wide variety of design loads and sizes, our buildings are built to perform.

Typical applications include: chromatograph buildings, meter houses, analyzer houses, monitoring stations and telemetry stations, measurement & regulation buildings, compressor stations, auxiliary buildings, glycol pump buildings, and drum storage buildings.

Oil and natural gas housing and products
Power transmission products and applications

Power Transmission

Parkline has extensive experience in creating building applications for the Power Transmission industry. We have worked with many owners, representatives, and EPC firms throughout the United States, building hundreds of site-constructed or turnkey substation control houses and SVC buildings for utilities. We can provide these applications as turnkey on-site or turnkey modular solutions.

Other applications include: switchgear buildings, wind energy facilities, monitoring stations, fire pump houses, substation control houses, battery storage units, meter houses and control rooms, SCADA buildings, MCC, and more.

Telecommunications enclosures


Parkline has a variety of lightweight yet strong enclosure solutions designed to provide unsurpassed protection of sensitive telecommunication equipment. Our roof-top building applications are simple to install, a particularly important feature in geographic locations where construction is difficult.

We also provide the option to custom build to your exact requirements, utilizing such features as our bullet resistant wall systems (from Level I to Level IV), ice-shielding roof systems, and fire resistant systems. Any of these features can be integrated into your customized Parkline building.

Parkline is frequently called upon to create custom communication equipment enclosures.

Telecommunications enclosures
Petrochemical applications


Parkline has remained a reliable and trusted partner to companies doing business in the petrochemical industry. Throughout Parkline’s 40-year history, we have established long-standing relationships with many of the petrochemical industry’s leading companies.

Parkline is consistently called upon to create diverse and one-of-a-kind installations within this sector, from valve enclosures to electronic control centers. All are backed by our years of experience and technical support post installation.

Typical petrochemical applications include: pump stations, generator enclosures, meter houses, measurement and regulation buildings, substation control houses, MCC, pollution mitigation facilities, communication equipment enclosures, collector houses, and others.

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