What We Do

We fabricate metal buildings for organizations of all sizes across the country. Our buildings, made from interlocking galvanized steel panels, are ideally suited for a wide array of industrial and infrastructure applications.

With Parkline, we take every aspect of your needs into consideration, from the specifications, codes and clearances, to the selection of materials for your specifications and all the way down to the placement of individual doors or electrical devices.

We engineer, manufacture and integrate buildings for applications that include modular e-houses, power distribution centers, modular data centers, equipment storage, fire pumps, electrical or process control, analyzers, metering stations and telecom equipment.

Parkline was founded in West Virginia in the 1970s, but can trace its building roots back to proprietary engineering developed back in the 1930s. Today, Parkline is backed by nearly a century of advancement in the metal building industry.

While we began crafting building components and transporting to the field to construct on site, today we excel in modular construction and electrical integration for turnkey project delivery.

What Makes Us Different

Customer Service

Our materials and construction options are unparalleled, built on nearly a century of experience and offering endless customization. But customer service is where we truly shine.

We know you. You know us. Our customers trust us with their toughest challenges because we have a reputation that promises made are promises kept. We build lasting relationships through transparency, excellent communication and no surprises.

The proof is in our extraordinary customer retention.

Our commitment to customer service starts as soon as you call or email and doesn’t stop until you are satisfied with your construction. We give weekly preemptive project status updates with photos and a progress overview. You are never left wondering where things stand.

We bring flexibility and creativity through customizable solutions to your projects. And we are ready to roll with the punches. We know things happen in construction environments, and we will have your back to adjust and get the job done right. We are able to anticipate known risks with great project managers to mind schedules and to focus on cost, quality and safety.

We believe in being safe and in getting it right. And we’ll do everything in our power to be sure we do both all the time.

Flexible Project-Based Business Model

Few house builders are able to provide the breadth of integration capabilities coupled with variety of building specifications AND offer the options of modular, site built or materials only contracts. This flexibility allows Parkline to work with you across a wider variety of project and construction site variations to offer you one point of contact and the most cost effective approach to your projects.

Nationwide Service

Parkline partnered with Summit Park Partners in 2012, allowing us to grow, expand and acquire additional resources while maintaining a commitment to customer service. We are dedicated to continuing research, innovation and product development in our field. Other major investments include the acquisition of the Bebco Industries Building business in Hitchcock, Texas; expansion of the West Virginia integration space, which more than doubled the enclosed areas; expansion of the structural fabrication and metal preparation areas in West Virginia; installation of climate controlled electrical equipment storage areas at both locations; and improved site access and security.

Now with major facilities in West Virginia and Texas, Parkline offers building solutions cost effectively across the country.

In Eleanor, West Virginia, our production facilities and efficient metal forming processes allow us to fabricate high volume, large and sophisticated projects within our 120,000 square feet of facilities.

In Hitchcock, Texas, in  our 110,000 square-foot facility we produce a broad range of products, including traditional heavy gage steel PDC buildings and buildings made of alternative materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. We produce and ship oversized modular buildings from this location — in fact, in 2019, we shipped a single piece building that was 98 feet long by 23 feet wide.

Our locations give us great geographic coverage, making Parkline a clear choice for companies looking to work in multiple locations. Both locations can handle significant demand as well, manufacturing and shipping high-volume orders in shorter timeframes.

Parkline is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified at both of its facilities in West Virginia and Texas.

Technical Knowhow

At Parkline, we invest in our workforce in order to provide our customers top-notch work. We have a highly skilled team with years of experience ready to tackle the unique challenges of your build.

Our team includes skilled electrical designers and assemblers who are well versed in the technical needs of industrial builds. And our electricians are highly qualified, masters and journeymen with significant experience. They frequently implement projects with thousands of electrical elements.

Our field teams are stellar in all areas of constructing our buildings, hitting safety and quality assurance requirements at every step. Our Factory Acceptance Tests ensure that no element is overlooked—and our team excels at passing these tests on the first assessment.