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Modular Buildings

Modular building example

Parkline’s factory-built option offers labor to construct the building application and the house utilities. The modular building can be provided on a skid and shipped directly to the site. The finished unit will be certified for all applicable codes, allowing for shipment to any state.

This turnkey solution is perfect for Electrical Equipment (OEM)’s utilities, pipelines and many general industry and infrastructure projects. Our Integrated projects frequently include the installation and wiring of electrical, motor control equipment, switchgear, power distribution, UPS systems, drives, fire protection and detection, control systems and much more. This gives our customers a plug-and-play installation experience so they can hit the ground running

Parkline also can supply the basic electrical equipment and the parts for HVAC units.

Modular Building Examples

Modular metal building example

Portable Metal Buildings for any need!

Parkline Industrial Metal Shelters and Buildings serve as the backbone of our Portable Modular Building Products. They satisfy any application for control rooms, guard shacks and security centers, along with shelters or buildings designed to house analyzers, switchgear, or motor control centers where the factors of a highly corrosive environment or risk of damage from blasts, explosions, fire or natural disasters might be better satisfied by Blast Resistant Buildings. The images below link to additional pages with detailed interior and exterior views of recently manufactured Industrial Metal Buildings, as applicable to many specific applications.

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