The U.S. Department of Energy last month issued a road map aimed at improving processes that will allow generators to connect to the grid more quickly and efficiently.

In steps that go beyond the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s recent interconnection reform rule, the Transmission Interconnection Roadmap calls for considering market-based options to ration interconnection access and separate the interconnection process from making network upgrades.

It focuses on four areas: increasing interconnection data access and transparency; improving and accelerating the process; promoting economic efficiency; and maintaining grid reliability. It calls for ensuring equal access to interconnection queues.

Interconnecting generators typically pay for network upgrades that are needed to bring their projects online. And if this roadmap is an indication, they’ll be planning more upgrades relatively soon.

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Change is what we’re seeing as the energy industry looks to make the grid more reliable, more efficient, and more secure. And as infrastructure is renovated or replaced, we will be here to enhance or upgrade existing modular buildings to support those changes.