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Electrical Devices

Parkline installs electrical devices, equipment, conduit, tray and wire duct of every conceivable type, size and configuration for all electrical services in every Area Classification to meet or exceed American and International Electrical Codes and Standards. The images below illustrate the interior and exterior electrical device and wiring installations in a wide variety of metal and blast resistant buildings. In short, we do it all, with no exceptions! Best of all, we do it all with an amazing level of quality that will exceed your highest expectations!

Interior Lighting

Parkline Interior Lighting Systems are available in LED, fluorescent and incandescent styles for general purpose and hazardous (classified) locations. Parkline offers a wide variety of fixtures, to meet economic or ergonomic goals, with single or double pole switching for multiple entries, as shown in this image. Light things up with pre-installed fixtures from Parkline!

Exterior Lighting

Parkline offers a wide array of LED, incandescent and fluorescent outdoor lighting fixtures, for both immediate and broad area lighting, as shown in this image. These light fixtures can be rated for any location from General Purpose to Class I, Division 1 Areas, and they may also be furnished with photocells and on-off-auto switches for flexible and practical control.

Interior Light Switches

Interior switches are available in general purpose and hazardous area ratings in single, 3-way and 4-way configurations. Generally used for lighting and small device control, basic single pole single throw switches are most common, but Parkline also offers advanced lighting control solutions, including dimmers and timer driven motion sensing switches, as shown in this image.

Exterior Light Switches

Exterior light switches are available in any configuration and can control lighting inside or outside of a Parkline Portable Modular Building. Exterior Switches can also be interfaced with photocells and timers for complete exterior lighting controls and often serve to control small low power externally mounted devices when larger capacity disconnects are not required.

Interior Power Receptacles

Parkline offers a complete range of internal receptacles ranging from single and double gang units to track units for all area classifications. Interior receptacles are available for single or three phase services in any voltage, as either dedicated or switched units, with or without GFI protection and are usually intended to accommodate small appliances or office equipment, or to provide a source of power for service.

Exterior Power Receptacles

External receptacles are usually installed to provide a source of power for external service and maintenance requirements, and are available for any area classification in fully weather-proof and ground fault protected versions. Parkline installs all exterior receptacles to meet the external Area Classification and in complete code compliance to ensure a clean and safe source of power.

Interior Breaker Panels

The use of interior breaker panels is critical to control power to multiple room or equipment circuits. NEMA 1 and Explosion Proof configurations are offered in sizes ranging from 10 to 40 poles in both single and three phase configurations. Complete wiring and identification of electrical services from that point forward assures a turn-key product delivery.

Exterior Breaker Panels

Parkline provides exterior breaker panels in NEMA 3R, 4, 4X and Class I or Class II explosion-proof configurations, in single and three phase configurations, for circuitry ranging from 120 to 480 VAC. Weather-tight conduit systems of comparable ratings can then be installed to route power to critical electrical components both inside and outside the finished shelter.

Interior Disconnects

While most disconnect switches are mounted externally, they are sometimes required inside a shelter to control high voltage or high amperage equipment. Interior Disconnects are usually wall mounted and NEMA 1 rated for indoor use, as shown in this image, and can be supplied either in fused or un-fused versions for any voltage, amperage range and power phase.

Exterior Disconnects

External Disconnects are one of the most frequently requested electrical accessories on Parkline Portable Modular Buildings.  From HVAC and Ventilation Equipment to primary control of all power within a Shelter, external disconnects serve a wide range of critical purposes.  All sizes and configurations are offered as needed, to meet your specific power control applications.

Interior Transformers

Interior Transformers are floor or wall mounted under most circumstances, as shown in this image, to reduce or increase incoming or distributed power circuits to acceptable and useful levels for single or multiple electrical circuits.  Interior Transformers are available in any size or configuration required, but adequate cooling may be required to offset their additional heat load.

Exterior Transformers

As a must when the local source must be converted to power your Shelter, transformers are often mounted externally, as shown here, to reduce interior heat loads and noise, while conserving critical and expensive floor space. Exterior Transformers are typically supported by an equipment platform and pre-wired to an external disconnect and interior circuit breaker panel.

EMT and Rigid Conduit

Parkline installs both EMT and Rigid Pipe Conduit Systems for any location, ranging from General Purpose to Class I, Division 1 Areas. Specialized applications, including a requirement for PVC coated conduit systems or large conduit can also be accommodated by our staff of electrical technicians in complete accordance with either the National Electric Code or IEC Regulations.

Wire Duct

Wire Duct serves as an alternative to conduit systems and is especially warranted for use when plans call for additional wiring after initial installation and start-up is completed. Wire duct is available for internal or external use in NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 4 and 4X ratings and 4 to 12-inch square sizes. Add additional wiring in a fast and effective manner by specifying this accessory.

Cable Tray

Cable Trays are typically used to support overhead power, communications or signal cables from bulkhead gland plates to switchgear, motor controls and telecommunications equipment. Cable Tray is available in galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and fiberglass materials and numerous sizes, and can be pre-installed as required, for immediate use upon Shelter delivery.

Switchgear and Motor Control Centers

Parkline sets switchgear and motor control centers with ease.  We have overhead cranes and specialized equipment dollies that make installation of this equipment a snap, compared with what you might encounter trying to ‘man-handle’ this large and extremely heavy equipment in the field.  Simply direct your gear to drop-ship to our facilities and leave the installation to Parkline.

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