Congress is voting on bipartisan legislation that would create a new Department of Energy position to manage threats to the nation’s electric grid system. This assistant secretary would focus on preparation and response when it comes to attacks on grid infrastructure.

According to Grid Security Now, the country has experienced more than 1,000 such attacks since 2010. So, more and more companies are investing in security.

That’s where Parkline comes in. We’re experts in security. We can harden and retrofit existing structures – as well as equip new buildings – with bullet resistant materials that provide an extra level of protection.

And Trachte’s patent pending EMP hardened technology helps shield systems, instrumentation, and personnel from the impacts of electromagnetic pulses, which are bursts of electromagnetic radiation. EMP mitigation techniques and materials protect entry doors, HVAC openings, other building penetrations such as incoming conductors.

We have the field expertise and experience – because we’ve done this work for years with major utilities.