We talk a lot about data centers – because it’s an industry with which we’re experienced.

But what exactly is a data center?

Basically, it’s a physical facility that house servers, data, and high-tech equipment. It’s a network of computing and storage that supports cloud storage and file sharing.

Inside the building, you’ll find storage systems, routers, firewalls, servers, and switches.

Companies and agencies need data centers to share applications, communicate with customers, store data, and provide cloud services.

Some data centers are on-site. Others are virtual and employ cloud technology. Either way, they’re designed to protect information and maintain performance. They balance loads and ensure resiliency.

Think of a brain – one that stores the vast amounts of information companies, government organizations, and utilities utilize and share.

Now consider the skull. That’s what we do. We provide protection of your most critical equipment – or in this case, we help protect your most important information.

Parkline and Trachte both support the data center market. Parkline tailors modular builds that allow the interconnection of data center infrastructure.

Trachte manufactures prefabricated integrated control buildings, which typically house power distribution equipment, back-up UPS systems, and monitoring equipment to support date center infrastructure. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) provide and install the equipment – or we can integrate OEM equipment in our factories prior to shipment.

The buildings are wired in a controlled environment. They are plug-and-play ready when they arrive onsite. And we can secure the buildings with add-on ballistics materials to provide an extra level of protection.

Parkline buildings are turnkey and include everything from fire suppression to low voltage systems, to HVAC systems. We engineer to order based on your specific guidelines. Our modular buildings meet all codes – IBC, IECC and NEC – and are built to the highest quality standard, ensuring that your most valuable equipment is protected.