Lately, we’ve seen some big-time temperature drops. And with some research suggesting the U.S. could get all of its energy from renewables by 2050, it might be fair to ask –

Do wind turbines freeze in cold weather?

We know a little bit about wind energy – because we specialize in tailoring substation houses, collector houses, and battery storage units for the industry.

Turbines are designed to withstand freezing temperatures, down to about -30 degrees Celsius. While ice can certainly affect blades, the industry has developed a bevy of ways to prevent ice from forming or melt it away.

Modern turbines are equipped to de-ice, and often that technology comes from our control houses. Hot air circulation and blade vibrations are two approaches.

Turbines have certainly frozen in the past. In 2021, frozen turbines caused a loss of capacity. But they weren’t designed for extreme temperatures because you wouldn’t expect such temperatures in Texas.

Wind, more and more, is a dependable energy source, even as the temperature dips. It’s a critical part of our energy future, and we’re proud to help support its complex infrastructure.