Historically, solar and wind power has been a bit inconsistent. And so industry experts have feared those sources could destabilize power grids.

Technology changes, though. A recent study has found that accounting for power-flow imbalances can reveal better ways to incorporate renewable energy into grids.

That’s good news, because solar and wind power are the fastest growing sources of electricity. With years of experience crafting buildings for the renewables sector, we’ve gained quite a bit of insight.

We know the technology is evolving, and we believe the industry is going to grow tremendously.

Solar and wind are intermittent sources of power. However, batteries can release stored energy when the wind slows or when the sun goes down.

The next challenge is power flow. As the study describes, researchers have developed algorithms to get the most out of renewable sources.

The researchers said using renewable energy near where it’s generated is better than exporting it across a grid, even as battery technology improves each year.

Either way, Parkline is equipped to provide the buildings needed for solar panel fields and wind turbines. We specialize in substations, collector houses, monitoring stations, meter houses, and control rooms, along with battery storage units.

It’s just another way helping to ensure power generation for decades to come.