The nation’s utility sector is continually changing with demand and innovation, and that means Parkline is perpetually innovating as it works with a plethora of utility building needs.

Parkline fabricates metal buildings for utility companies in the power transmission, telecommunications, and renewable energy sectors across the country. Those buildings, made from interlocking galvanized steel panels, are ideally suited for a wide array of applications.

We specialize in both modular and site-build projects. So, we can provide cost-effective approaches to just about any site conditions.

Depending upon the site conditions, project design, and size, we can serve the nation’s utilities from one of our plants via a modular design. Or we can delivery materials to the project site and erect the buildings locally with one of our partners. Field erection crews can handle on-site builds from start to finish saving you time and money.

Whether your project is best served by a modular building or a fully site-built design, the Parkline team can help you with either style and provide advisory services about the best fit in terms of cost, schedule, and delivery.

Parkline’s crews provide on-site support services for modular units including offloading, setting, and commissioning. Electrical crews are available to perform necessary field wiring and integration, too.