Parkline South, which has been in business for three decades, saw its most successful year ever in 2022. The reason? The need to optimize.

“Utility companies are very much in the mode of grid optimization,” Lynn Barnes, managing member for Parkline South, said. “A lot of older metal buildings are being replaced or refurbished and updated. That’s been a big piece of our growth.”

That includes updating control houses and all the parts within.

“A lot of these companies have 10- and 20-year optimization plans, and for many of them, we’re in the front end of those plans,” Barnes said.

Although many companies are moving ahead with upgrades, they recognize the older buildings have served them well. And that’s why they return to Parkline.

“We still have buildings out in the field and being used that are 50 years old,” Barnes said.

Parkline South, Barnes said, prides itself on short lead times and strong customer service.

“Our lead times are generally better than our competition’s,” she said. “And that goes hand-in-hand with the culture at Parkline. We’ve been one of their top dealers for years. So, we have a really good partnership.”

Parkline South has been in business since the late 1980s and is one of Parkline Inc.’s dealerships, which are strategically located across the country. Parkline South promotes and upholds the Parkline brand.

“We handle customer service directly, but if we didn’t have a great partner, it wouldn’t work,” Barnes said.

Parkline South recently worked with a utility company to double the size of an existing building without shutting down the building. It continued operations throughout the project.

“That’s the kind of thing we take pride in,” Barnes said. “We try to listen to what the needs are. Someone else might have said, ‘You just need to replace the building.’ But we try to be cost-conscious and consider timelines.”