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Bulkhead Access

Parkline offers numerous solutions for the passage of pipes, conduit, cables, tubing, ductwork and other items through every surface of our portable modular buildings. Years of experience and continuing demands for innovative design has led to a unique and growing number of solutions to meet your specific applications. Bulkhead styles are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum variations, for installation in most Parkline portable modular buildings, and can be sized, positioned and pre-fitted to meet your exact requirements.

Recessed Wall Bulkheads

As a feature exclusive to Parkline Portable Modular Buildings, our Recessed Wall Bulkheads provide the most secure and aesthetic means available to route services through a wall.  As shown in the image, they are mounted in the cavity of a wall space, leaving the exterior surface intact, so that only the cutouts for connections are required.  Available in many sizes, in either solid or pre-punched configurations, this accessory maintains the best possible appearance and minimizes leakage.

Framed Wall Bulkheads

Parkline Framed Wall Bulkheads provide the most popular means to provide easy penetration points for your electrical, pneumatic and process connections, or equipment such as exhaust fans. Consisting of a perimeter frame and temporary or permanent cover plates, formed from painted carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum, this accessory is utilized on almost every Parkline Portable Modular Building. Simply specify the size and location, and you’ll have strong pre-framed openings ready for use!

Deck Bulkheads

Parkline Deck Bulkheads permit penetrations through our Shelter Bases. Frequently used as a method to connect high voltage cables to Switchgear, MCC and RIE Equipment, or to permit the penetration of equipment through the floor of a finished building, these bulkheads are offered with or without recessed cover plates. They also often feature heavy-duty structural framing to support the massive weight load of equipment which will be secured above them, as shown in this image.

Roof Bulkheads

Parkline Roof Bulkheads are most often used for the penetration of HVAC duct work or for the ventilation of an area with exhaust fans.  When equipment is to be added by others, these cutouts are fitted with a temporary cover as shown in this image.  In many cases they are combined with critical structural framing to support roof mounted equipment.  Parkline Roof Bulkheads may also be fitted with sealed curb flanges, built to meet specific height, flange and equipment bolting patterns.

Cable Gland Bulkheads

Cable Gland Bulkheads can be installed to accommodate any vendor’s cable entry system. The support frames for these units are normally seal-welded into a bulkhead plate and fitted to a framed opening for maximum strength, but can also be integrated to our recessed bulkheads for a concealed entry appearance. In any situation, our clients only need to provide specific information regarding the manufacture, model number and Parkline’s design team can take it from there!

Cable Plate Bulkheads

Like other forms of bulkhead entries, Cable Plate Bulkheads are designed to accommodate a client’s specific needs.  In the example show above, the client specified the need for multiple plates, pre-punched to a specific pattern for numerous individual cable gland fittings, to provide signal wiring entries in the sub-floor area of a raised flooring system.  Again, regardless of the need, Parkline can accommodate your specific requirements with flawless results!

Interior Wall Passages

Parkline Interior Wall Passages are furnished for numerous applications. Common uses include sub-floor wiring passages from one room of a building to the next, as shown in the image above, larger overhead passages for air-conditioning ductwork, or mid-level passages for the transfer of paperwork or conveyance of materials from room to room. Wall Passages are normally installed as framed openings, and can be square, round or oval in shape.

Pipe Bulkheads

Parkline Pipe Bulkheads provide a unique solution for the easy installation and serviceability of piping, conduit and other through-wall connections that feature a flange, as shown in this image, or a union or other fitting or device that must remain attached to the pipe during installation or extraction.  The cover plate is ‘split’ along the vertical axis of the cutout, and installed as two pieces that are sealed with silicone or another appropriate sealant along the plate perimeter, pipe edge and split seam.

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