Building Modifications, Extensions and Repairs

Cabinets and Shelves

Parkline provides everything from basic workstations with metal cabinets and laminated countertops, to metal and glass front cabinets with granite countertops for laboratories. To accommodate basic or advanced storage needs, Parkline can provide either prefabricated or custom shelving. And if you have special needs, Parkline can even provide polished stainless steel countertops, control room consoles and marshalling center termination cabinets. Whether you require economical solutions, ergonomic spaces or highly critical work environments, Parkline does it all!

Metal Cabinets and Laminated Counters

As an easy solution for providing your staff with ergonomic yet economical workstations, Parkline can provide metal file and storage cabinets with laminated countertops as shown in this image. Whether you require standard or lateral file cabinets, with or without pullout drawers or trays, you may select from many commercially available brands, styles and colors of both cabinets and countertops to develop a cost-effective solution. Or, simply let us know what you want, and we’ll take care of the details.

Laminated Cabinets and Counters

For kitchens and lab workspaces, Parkline can provide a full range of both standard and custom built laminated cabinets and countertops as shown here.  This style of storage and workspace units is durable and easy to clean and maintain, and is also offered in numerous styles, colors and cost ranges.  With matching overhead cabinets that feature adjustable shelves, storage space is both maximized and highly ergonomic.  Consider this option when you want a clean looking but cost effective solution.

Metal and Glass Front Lab Cabinets

In laboratories where caustic or corrosive chemicals are tested or analyzed, a combination of metal cabinets and glass front overheads with granite countertops may be required.  Both lower and upper cabinets are available in both painted steel as shown here, or polished stainless steel, making them impervious to even the most harsh chemicals.  As an option, glass fronts provide an easy way to safely store items, while making them easy to locate.  Consider this option as the ultimate lab solution!

Aluminum Cabinets and Counters

When weight loads are an issue, Parkline can furnish aluminum cabinets and countertops as shown here for the portable seismic testing station in the inset image.  The overhead cabinets in this application featured hydraulic lift cylinders to keep the doors fully open during access, and the countertop was custom built as a three piece wrap-around unit, from 1/8 inch brushed aluminum plate with an aluminum angle support frame.  For these tight quarters, the finished result was exactly what our client required.

Termination Cabinets

For Marshalling or Remote Instrument Enclosure (RIE) applications, Parkline integrates termination cabinets with sub-panels and sliding doors, across any partial or total wall space.  All cabinets are built to order in any size, and the sub-panels are offered in painted steel, aluminum or stainless steel.  Sliding doors are normally fabricated from light-weight aluminum, they can feature viewing windows if desired, and they utilize ball-bearing glide casters and recessed handles for the very best performance and appearance.

Commercial Shelving

Commercial shelving is offered in any configuration or weight load in open rack styles as shown here, or as enclosed free-standing cabinets. When storage is a critical purpose for your finished shelter, consider letting Parkline source and install it for a fraction of the cost required to do so in the field. As an option, you may also elect to drop ship commercial storage racks or cabinets to our dock for assembly and installation at our factory. Either way, your shelter arrives on your dock ready to serve its purpose.

Custom Shelving

The need for extra depth, custom lengths, seamless spans, oversized back-splashes or very high weight capacities often make commercial solutions either impractical or incapable of meeting an application.  In these situations, Parkline can manufacture anything you require, from painted steel, aluminum, laminates, composites or polished stainless steel, like these shelves.  We can also combine materials to achieve a highly customized solution.  Just tell a Parkline salesperson about you needs.

Laminated Countertops

Laminated countertops serve as low cost but durable work surfaces in many of our industrial shelters. Conventional countertops with plain or woodgrain laminate surfaces and compressed fiberboard backing are available in lengths up to twelve feet, and depths of either 24 or 36 inches. If necessary, Parkline can also build custom laminated countertops with ash or other hardwood backings or with metal backings in any span you desire. Consider this option when you know your staff will need to process paperwork.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless Steel countertops provide chemical resistant work surfaces, such as the full-length unit shown in the two opposing views of this basic lab workstation.  Any degree of polish to mirror finish, any weight load, any span or depth and any size of backsplash can be furnished with ease, and the quality and extremely hard surface of a stainless steel countertop exceed the most demanding applications for all harsh conditions.  Consider this option when laminates or composites will not perform as required.

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