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Doors and Windows

Parkline Doors & Windows are prime essentials to our line of shelter accessories. Available in numerous sizes and configurations as shown below for our metal and blast resistant buildings, Parkline supplies an endless variety of these accessories to meet the most exacting specifications. Whether it’s a custom size or shape, custom paint finish or custom hardware, Parkline can supply doors and windows to meet your specific needs.

Single Personnel Doors

Parkline Personnel Doors are available in metal, 2’x7′ to 4’x9′ sizes. They are fitted to a bolt-in door frame for maximum strength, and can be fitted with any accessories, including stainless steel hinges, panic bars, pneumatic or mechanically assisted door closures, windows, thresholds, weather-stripping, locksets and drip-shields.

Double Equipment Doors

Parkline Equipment Doors are available in the same materials and size range as our personnel doors, and can overlap as shown above, or be fitted with fixed or removable mullions.  They can also be equipped with the same range of accessories, and are often furnished with removable transoms, as shown in the next image, to accommodate the egress of tall equipment.

Removable Transoms

Parkline Removable Transoms may be fitted over any single or double doorway to provide additional clearance for the movement of tall equipment.  They are normally fabricated as a single section that is insulated, lined and painted to match the Shelter Wall structure.  The Transom is then gasket sealed to the Shelter and attached with exterior screws.

Overhead Doors

Overhead Doors can be furnished in many sizes to permit the movement of large items. They are available in roll-up or panel styles, in standard, heavy duty, high wind-load or high security configurations. They may also be fitted with windows and manual or power assisted openers and are often paired with entry ramps or rain hoods, as shown here.

Interior Personnel Doors

Parkline Interior Doors are used in conjunction with interior walls, and can be furnished in any size, with any accessories, in both single and double configurations.  As with the example shown here, interior doors may feature louver grills to permit cross ventilation, and can also be furnished in split or ‘Dutch’ styles and/or with single or double swing styles hinges.

Sliding Doors

While most commonly used for termination cabinets in RIE Buildings, Parkline can incorporate sliding doors in any size with special hardware for both interior and exterior applications, as shown here. Sliding doors are commonly available in carbon steel with a painted finish, in stainless steel or aluminum with a brushed or painted finish.

Blast Doors

Blast Resistant doors are provided to withstand both ballistics and concussive blast forces and can be equipped with panic hardware, closets and windows as shown in this image. As a buy-out accessory, the sizes and materials of blast resistant doors are limited to some degree, as are their configurations; however, the range of protection is virtually unlimited.

Fixed Windows

Parkline Fixed Windows offer an unobstructed view and can be furnished in many sizes, with single or double panes of clear or tinted shatter resistant safety, or wire reinforced glass. Frames may be constructed from aluminum, painted carbon steel or stainless steel, as preferred. Accessories may include shades or blinds in vertical or horizontal slat styles.

Operating Windows

Parkline Operating Windows offer a breath of fresh air when needed and come in vertical ‘double-hung’ or horizontal ‘sliding’ configurations, with single or double panes of clear or tinted shatter-resistant safety glass. Frames are constructed from clear, white or black anodized aluminum. In addition to blinds or shades, accessories may also include insect screens.

Transaction Windows

Transaction Windows are offered in many shapes and sizes, both for passive and high-security applications. They may be fitted with pass-through transaction trays, counters and passive speak-throughs, as shown here, or with transaction drawers and amplified speak-throughs. These windows are popular shelter accessories as a must-have feature for security buildings and guard shacks.

Blast Windows

Blast Resistant Windows afford the same protection as noted for above for Blast Resistant Doors, and due to their purpose are only offered in limited sizes and fixed, single pane configurations. Blast Resistant Windows are supplied to Parkline with carbon steel painted frames that must be seal-welded into the cutout of an interior or exterior blast resistant wall structure.

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