Building Modifications, Extensions and Repairs

Hoods and Awnings

Parkline Rain Hoods and Equipment Awnings are a valuable accessory to expand the protection of our Portable Modular Buildings beyond their exterior walls. They are most often used on Analyzer Shelters to protect sample systems and on other buildings that require externally mounted equipment, which is often placed on external equipment platforms that Parkline can also provide. Available in both metal and fiberglass materials, in any size or shape up to four feet deep in free standing configurations, these accessories are suitable for and commonly specified for our entire line of portable modular buildings. Variations to these accessories include attached sheds which can extend much further out utilizing the shelter for support, as a unique custom option. Just ask a Parkline salesperson, and you’ll be amazed at what we can provide!

Doorway Rain Hoods

Pre-fitted, removed and palletized for transit, Parkline Rain Hoods stand up to any condition. They protect the entryway of our Portable Buildings for easy access in harsh weather conditions, and also prevent accumulation of snow in doorway areas. Available in either metal or fiberglass materials and in any size up to 4 feet deep, these pre-finished units are easily refitted to your portable building in a matter of minutes.

Equipment Awnings

From sample systems and bottle racks, to electrical equipment racks, pumps or motors, Parkline Equipment Awnings provide a shed type cover to expand the protection afforded by our Portable Buildings.  As with our Rain Hoods, Parkline Awnings are available in metal or fiberglass, in any size up to 4 feet deep.  They can span full or partial building lengths, are detached for shipment, and easily installed upon delivery.

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