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Gas Chromatograph Analyzer House

8′ x 20′ Interlocking Galvanized Sheet Metal Analyzer House with Shed Roof, Interior Lighting, HVAC and Cable Tray

This 160 square foot analyzer house was built for a petro-chemical refinery upgrade to house a large array of gas chromatograph analyzers. A Class I, Division 2 rated climate control unit for this analyzer house features an integrated blower to sustain building pressure. A total of 16 gas chromatograph analyzer bays featured a set of adjustable horizontal mounting rails (shipped loose with all hardware) which were pre-cut to fit between the vertical rails shown. In addition, each chromatograph bay of this analyzer house featured recessed bulkheads above and below the pre-planned location of each analyzer to provide clean sample system tubing, vent pipe and drain pipe connections. Oversized doors on each end, a nine foot interior height for overhead cable tray and barometric dampers placed at the client’s specified locations completed this project, along with analyzer sample system hoods that were shipped loose to span the entire length of this analyzer house on both sides.

This Analyzer House was equipped to support 12 gas chromatograph analyzers. It featured a 5 ton HVAC system with an integrated pressurizing blower, for the Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Area.

The pristine interior of this Analyzer House featured permanent vertical mounting rails and cable tray, along with recessed bulkheads for process, vent and drain connections to each individual analyzer.

This exterior view shows the rear door open to expose the well-lit interior. The lighting switches, service receptacles and fluorescent fixtures were all rated for service in a Class I, Division 2 Location.

This exterior view of the Analyzer House shows the clean exterior appearance our recessed bulkheads. Sample systems were installed along the full length of both sides by the OEM at their factory.

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