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Local Operator Control Station

6′ x 6′ Interlocking Galvanized Sheet Metal Control Station with Shed Roof, Fixed Windows, Space Heater, Electrical Services and Interior Liner

This compact 36 square foot control station was ordered by an end user to serve a refinery rail car loading station. The control station features a front and rear door, fixed (non-operative) viewing windows on each side, a small space heater and complete interior electrical services. The safety glass viewing windows of this control station were installed in a recessed clamshell frame with vulcanized rubber “h” gasket as shown in the detail view below.

Due to its small size, this control station was equipped with economical channel iron lifting extensions that were removed after arrival and off-loading at the jobsite. A shed roof with standard splash trim, doorway splash guards, entry thresholds, panic bars and door closers along with a sheet metal interior liner and gloss white paint finish inside and out completed this control station’s specifications.

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