Trachte LLC, a leading provider of engineered Protection and Control Buildings, has acquired Parkline Inc., another leading provider of pre-engineered buildings, integrated systems and field services for a wide range of industrial and infrastructure markets.

We are excited to bring these two strong brands together. Both possess unique capabilities and service platforms with differing strengths across diverse end markets.

Together, we will provide a greater breadth of building products, integration and field service solutions across a multitude of applications in the utilities, renewables, data centers, energy and industrial sectors.

This partnership is all about supporting customers with more choices as they address important priorities, such as the upgrading aging power grid infrastructure, expanding data centers and the buildout of renewable power systems.

The combination of Parkline and Trachte will bring incredible flexibility for our customers and expanded opportunities for our supply chain partners. The companies now have four strategically located manufacturing sites and three different product lines. We offer modular and site-built construction options.

And both brands bring strong reputations in engineering, electrical integration, project management and customer service.

Our teams are excited to demonstrate the benefits of these capabilities and remain focused on exceeding customer expectations.

Parkline in Action

Check out our new video and learn more about why Parkline is one of the most unique building providers in the industry.