Utilities, data centers, energy companies and industrial manufacturers need metal buildings to house and protect their critical electrical and mechanical systems.

And a lot of those buildings are rolling out of our facilities in West Virginia and Texas.

“Across many industries, companies are expanding capacity and upgrading aging infrastructure. And they’re turning to manufacturers like Parkline to quickly construct that infrastructure,” Bill Estep, Parkline’s CEO, said. “It’s been a very exciting time to be in this industry.”

But the growth is not only the result of demand. Parkline has spent years developing trust and a large collection of case studies that illustrate wide-ranging ability. Its reputation continues attracting new clients from across the country. With locations in Eleanor, West Virginia and Hitchcock, Texas, Parkline can fit that very large footprint.

“We specialize in both modular and site-build projects,” Ron Dawson, Parkline’s vice president of business development, said. “So we can provide cost-effective approaches to just about any project.”

Security is another factor driving Parkline’s growth. Recent attacks on power grids are becoming more of a concern, and many utility companies are taking a hard look at ballistic-resistant solutions for infrastructure.
That’s one of Parkline’s specialties.

“We can harden and retrofit existing structures – as well as equip new buildings – with ballistic resistant materials that provide an extra level of protection for a variety of services, including power distribution,” Dawson said. “We have the field expertise and experience, because we’ve done this work with major utilities.”

Parkline fabricates metal buildings for companies in a variety of sectors across the country. Those buildings, made from interlocking galvanized steel panels, are ideally suited for a wide array of applications.

Parkline also handles building needs for wind turbine, solar panel, and hydroelectric fields. From substation control houses to electrical integration, Parkline has the experience and know- how to tailor a building to specification.

“We take every aspect of a project’s needs into consideration. From the specifications, codes, and clearances. To the selection of materials for your specifications. All the way down to the placement of individual doors or electrical devices,” Estep said.

Parkline tailors and integrates. Many of their projects have electrical equipment installed, wired and tested in a controlled environment before heading to their destinations.

“We often partner with equipment providers to craft a turnkey solution,” Dawson said.

Parkline engineers to order based on a company’s specific guidelines. The modular buildings meet all codes.

“You won’t have to worry about compliance or building inspections,” Dawson said.

Parkline is an approved and recognized manufacturer for all 33 states in the US that have industrialized modular building programs.

Field erection crews can handle on-site builds from start to finish. On-site assembly requires no expensive equipment to erect a building, saving time and money compared to typical rigid- frame style construction.

“Whether you opt for a modular building or a fully custom design with parts built by Parkline, our trained field crews provide full-service installation,” Estep said.

Those same crews provide on-site support services for modular units for offloading, setting and commissioning. Crews are available to perform necessary electrical reconnection of building sections too.

“People come to Parkline because of trust,” Estep said. “They expect quality. They expect dependability. That’s what we deliver.”

Contact Parkline at (800) 786-4855 or info@parkline.com.