Parkline and Trachte LLC Join Forces

Trachte LLC, a leading provider of highly engineered Protection and Control Buildings (P&CBs), has acquired Parkline, a leading modular manufacturer and site-built service provider with established positions in the data center, electric utility, energy and industrial markets. The transaction will create one of the largest P&CB providers in the United States, combining two market leaders with complementary product offerings and diversified customer bases.

Formed as an independent company in 1973, Parkline produces buildings, enclosures and turnkey, integrated systems in the industrial and infrastructure markets. Parkline is well known as a leader in the metal building industry with more than 70,000 structures in service throughout the United States and Canada.

“Our team is thrilled to become part of Trachte USA,” said Bill Estep, who will continue as Parkline’s President. “The combined companies will create one of the most diversified portfolios of products and services in our industry. Customers will benefit from enormous product knowledge, engineering capabilities and two cultures that are focused on satisfying customers and our employees.”

“We are excited to join with the Parkline team, which has established Parkline as a leader with strong long term customer relationships and a unique offering of cost-effective site-erected buildings and dealer networks to the markets” said Shawn Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Trachte USA. “This transaction is all about growth and supporting our customers as they address important priorities, such as the upgrading of aging power grid infrastructure, the expansion of data centers, and the acceleration of the buildout of renewable power systems. Together, we have the protection and control building industry’s leading technology, product quality, manufacturing capacity, service capabilities and expertise.”

Parkline has facilities in West Virginia and Texas. Trachte has a facility in Georgia and corporate offices in Wisconsin.

The combination of Parkline and Trachte is going bring “incredible flexibility and diversity” for our customers, Estep said. “The combined companies have four strategically located manufacturing sites and three different product lines. We do modular and site-built construction. We bring strong reputations in engineering, electrical integration, project management and customer service. We are excited to demonstrate these benefits to our existing and new customers.”